How to get Free UC in BGMI? BGMI Free UC Trick

How to get Free UC in BGMI? | UC is an digital currency which is be used only in Battleground Mobile India game. UC which is also known as Unknown-Cash and you can use it on purchasing Royal pass, opening crates, max up guns and many more. UC is the most powerful and useful coin in BGMI, that’s why everyone want to earn it and Get it for free. Now in internet some users search for BGMI Free UC Hack tips & tricks to get Free UC in BGMI.

If you are one who are looking get unlimited BGMI UC the this article is only for you. Here in this article we are going to share some simple tips & tricks about How to get Free UC in BGMI? and by using this tips you can earn some real cash and then you can buy uc from bgmi game.

Get Free UC in BGMI



UC is the valuable Cash or points in BGMI. Everyone, who plays BGMI are wanted to have UC but to buy UC you have to spend real cash from your Bank account. That’s why everyone is looking for alternative method to buy UC for free.

In Battleground Mobile India there are two types of coins or cash is available. One is BP and another one is UC. You can earn unlimited BP by just playing matches and you get rewarded by BP after every match and you can use it to open free crates, buying outfits & more. On other hand for UC, you have to buy it by using real cash and you can use it to buy Royal Pass, premium crates, Spin, Name card and many more.

So checkout below given tips to get and but BGMI UC for free.

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How to get Free UC in BGMI?

Look, honestly there are no legal or possible way to get Free UC. But in below we are sharing some other tasks, that you can earn real cash for free and then you can buy uc by using those real cash that you will earn by dong below steps. So indirectly, you are getting Free UC in BGMI.

BGMI Free UC trick

Earn PayTM Cash to Buy UC for Free

This is the best and easy way to Buy UC, you just need to download some Paytm Cash earning Apps where you can earn unlimited PayTM money by just completing tasks, inviting friends and other ways.

In internet you will find lots of Free apps giving Free Paytm cash and Here is the List of Best Paytm cash Earning Apps, You can checkout the list and earn money from it.

You just need to earn at least 400 Paytm cash after that buy a Google Recharge code worth Rs 400 from Paytm shop and Add money on Google account. Now you can Buy 380 UC in BGMI by using these 400rs Google reward money. After that upgrade the Royal elite Pass for Free using this 300 UC. So enjoy now.

Buy UC through Google Opinion Rewards

This is the best way to earn real cash because in Google opinion reward you can earn money by just giving your opinion and completing surveys. So you must checkout this app for sure.

You just need to Install Google Opinion Rewards App and Register a new account

Now Complete all the tasks available and complete some surveys & offers to warn Google reward points.

After that use those Reward points to Recharge google account and Buy UC from Google pay.

Note: We will add more some tips like this soon, so stay tuned with us if you want to earn more.


In above we have shared all the possible way about how to Get Free UC in BGMI? by using BGMI Free UC hack trick. You can use UC to buy real premium thing in BGMI game. By using above tips you can earn real money and you have to do some work and earn virtual money by downloading some Apps, inviting friends, surveys and other to earn virtual money like Paytm cash, Google rewards and other etc.

Hope you guys are like this article and avail to get UC for free if yes then you must share this post with your friends, family, social media app and comment down below if you have any query.

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